Onion Oil: A Hair Regrowth Elixir!

Common problems affecting the hair and scalp includes hair loss, infections, and disorders causing itching and scaling, graying.  We cannot do anything about the causes of hair problems like pollution, bad water and heat, as these are parts of our daily lives but we can surely take extra care of our hair by using all natural and homemade solutions to prevent those.

Onion oil is a kind of proven remedy for hair regrowth and hair fall prevention. But you have to apply this hair oil regularly. Also, we have to have a clean nutrient-packed diet along with this magical hair oil usage.

Onion oil nourishes hair follicles and restores nutrients. It minimizes breakage and thinning due to its rich Sulfur content. It also fights dandruff, promotes hair growth, prevents baldness, increases strength and volume, reduces graying and protects against lice.

How to Use Onion oil

  • -For head lice you can make a paste of 3 tbsp fenugreek seeds and onion oil. Soak the seeds overnight in water and make the paste next morning. Apply and leave for 30 minutes, wash as usual
  • -Use onion oil to massage on your scalp for a quick shiny hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash as usual
  • -Onion oil can also be diffused with Olive or other oils for a head massage
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  • -You can also make different hair packs by combining onion oil with honey, curry leaves or yogurt
  • -You can warm onion oil mixed with coconut/Almond/Olive oil and massage it all over your scalp and length. Keep it overnight and then rinse it well with shampoo. It will condition your hair, prevent hair fall, make your hair stronger and also will boost hair regrowth.
  • -To treat baldness use few drops of oil in your palm and massage it into scalp for good 15-20 mins.
  • Onion oil nourishes scalp and can be used as a conditioner, before It acts as a natural conditioner that prevents dryness and controls frizz.

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Few questions regarding this oil

Q. Is onion oil beneficial for hair?

  1. Yes, onion oil  is known to boost hair growth and regrowing hair. You can mix onion oil with olive oil for the best results as olive oil has anti-dandruff properties which will maximize the effect.

Q. Which is the best for hair regrowth Hibiscus oil or onion oil?

  1. Both are good for hair regrowth, but mixing hibiscus and onion oil can do wonders for your hair by strengthening the roots and nourishing the scalp.

Q. Can onion oil be used for rebounding hair?

  1. Yes, you can use onion oil for rebounding hair as it will balance the ph of the scalp and nourish it. You can also consider coconut oil, olive oil, Almond oil, for the same purpose.
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Q. Can we apply onion oil overnight?

  1. Yes, you can apply it overnight twice a week. But use it in a limited quantity as it contains sulphur which can irritate you skin.
    Q. How to use Onion oil for hair
    A. You can use it 3 times a week, 30-45 minutes

    few people may have positive results using onion oil for hair regrowth or conditioning while others may not as everyone’s skin varies.

The use of onion oil is not going help grow hair quickly; it takes commitment and methodical application.

The bottom-line is that the use of onion oil, as a hair treatment, is probably not a miracle cure for hair loss. However, it does appear to be safe for most people if they are not allergic to onions.

So, for some people with hair loss, the use of onion oil may be a possible natural remedy that is definitely worth a try!


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